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    School Age : Connecting


    The bond between a parent or caregiver and a child is considered to be essential to their emotional growth and development. It is what gives the carer the want and need to care for and respond to the...

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    School Age : Behaviours

    School Age Behaviours – What to Expect

    At this age children are still learning everyday behaviours such as how to treat others, how to act and react to things, and much more. Between the age of 5- and 6-year...

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    School Age : Safety

    Now that your child is a little bit older, safety becomes more than just about keeping your child safe within your home. Teaching children to keep themselves safe and recognize dangerous situations is an important factor in their care...

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    School Age : Play & Learning

    Your child is now a complete expert on the world around them. While your child is still learning boundless things about life, and themselves, as they play, they no longer play in the quest of discovery, but rather for the sole purpose...

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    School Age : Nutrition

    When your child goes to school, they will become exposed to new foods, which is a good thing. However, this may sometimes undo some of the healthy eating practices you have encouraged. This is difficult to avoid but continuing your he...

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    School Age : Health & Daily Care

    General Health Checks

    The regular visits with your healthcare professional are known as ‘well child visits’. Now your child is considered a ‘School aged child’ your scheduled visits continue to be about one ...

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    School Age : Sleep

    What to Expect

    By the time your child reaches school age they will generally be sleeping through the night. Getting enough sleep will help your child feel more settled, happy and focused during their active ...

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    School Age : Development

    All children develop at their own rate, generally in the same sequence but at completely different times. Many things influence a child’s development – genes, environment, temperament, relationships, nutrition, health and physical act...

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