About Us 💖

Up Up ‘n’ Away - “Baby products as tough as parenthood”

Parenthood is a wild, rugged ride – a relentless journey that’s muddy, dirty, and wet. It's an adventure you sign up for, knowing full well you'll be tired, but nothing truly prepares you for the level of exhaustion you'll face. Yet, amidst the challenges, there's a magic, a beauty that transcends the chaos.

But let's talk reality here - kids and babies are like miniature tornadoes, leaving a trail of stickiness everywhere they go. Our products at Up Up 'n' Away aren't delicate, fancy pieces that aren’t practical. No, sir! They're built for the battle, ready to take a beating from those sticky fingers and survive the everyday rough and tumble.

Up Up 'n' Away products aren't just tough; they're the definition of durability. Sturdy as a mountain, tough as nails, and crafted from the highest quality materials. We source suppliers who’ve engineered their products to withstand the onslaught of the kid-powered storm.

Now, why should you trust us? Because we've been in the trenches ourselves! Up Up 'n' Away is the brainchild of Penni Conlan, a mum and a force of nature in business. Penni, found herself in the midst of an abusive relationship, navigating the uncharted territory of parenthood with a newborn. Talk about an adventure – a gritty, real-life saga.

Facing the tough reality of solo parenthood, Penni battled not just sleepless nights but also the frustration of flimsy, unreliable products that seemed to have a magnetic pull towards her curious little adventurer. That's when the revelation hit – the need for products that matched the toughness of the parenting journey.

Embarking on an expedition of her own, Penni scoured the market for products that were not just durable and tough but also accessible, easy to use, and time-saving for parents in the trenches. And thus, Up Up 'n' Away was born – a testament to the resilience of a mum who knows the adventure, the struggle, and the joy of parenthood like the back of her weathered hand. For those of you whose parenting journey is about to begin, buckle up, because the adventure is real, but so are our products. They're not just built to last; they're built to last the wild ride of parenthood, keeping your little ones safe, while helping you keep your sanity.