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Silicone Wall Mounted Toilet Brush

Silicone Wall Mounted Toilet Brush

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Our Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush, an innovative hygiene solution that combines functionality with cleanliness. At UpUpnAway, where convenience meets sanitation, we prioritise products that make maintaining a clean home effortless. The Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush is designed to revolutionise your bathroom cleaning routine.

  • Space-Saving Design: Our Wall Mounted Toilet Brush is engineered with a space-saving design, ensuring it takes up minimal space in your bathroom. The wall-mounted feature keeps the brush off the floor, optimising your bathroom's layout.

  • Hygienic Silicone Bristles: The brush features high-quality silicone bristles that effectively clean your toilet bowl without scratching the surface. Silicone is known for its durability and resistance to bacteria, ensuring a more hygienic cleaning experience.

  • Wall Mount Installation: The brush comes with a wall mount for easy and secure installation. The wall-mounted holder keeps the brush within reach while maintaining a neat and tidy appearance in your bathroom.

  • Drip-Free Design: The Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush is designed to be drip-free, ensuring that excess water drains into the holder, keeping your bathroom floor clean and dry. The ventilation slots in the holder promote air circulation, preventing the growth of mould and odours.

  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning the brush is a breeze. The silicone bristles are resistant to residue build-up and can be easily rinsed under running water. The detachable brush head allows for thorough cleaning and replacement when needed.

Where cleanliness meets innovation, the Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush emerges as a smart and practical choice for maintaining a hygienic bathroom environment. Upgrade your bathroom cleaning routine with the Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush because a clean bathroom is a refreshing experience.



Name: Mini Toilet Brushes
Type: Wall-mounted
Material: PP+TPR
Color: White, Blue, Orange, Green
Product Size: 14.45*3.43*1.54in / 36.7*8.7*3.9cm
Package Size: 5.43*4.33*1.73in / 13.8*11*4.4cm
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Toilet Brush
Usage: Toilet
Style: Hand
Colour: White, Blue, Orange, Green, Black


Package Included:

1x Cleaning brush

1x Storage holder

1x Sticker


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