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Portable Baby Bedside Crib

Portable Baby Bedside Crib

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Our Portable Baby Bedside Crib, a versatile and secure solution for parents seeking a cozy sleeping space for their little ones. At UpUpnAway, where safety meets convenience, we prioritize creating products that enhance the parenting experience. Our Portable Baby Bedside Crib is thoughtfully designed with key features to provide a comfortable and secure sleeping environment for your baby.

  • Adjustable Height and Side Panel: The crib comes with adjustable height settings, allowing it to be easily aligned with your bed for co-sleeping convenience. The side panel can also be lowered, creating a seamless connection between parent and baby for added comfort.

  • Safe and Sturdy Construction: Safety is our top priority. The crib is built with a sturdy frame and high-quality materials to ensure stability. The breathable mesh sides provide optimal ventilation while keeping your baby visible.

  • Portable and Travel-Friendly: Designed for families on the move, our bedside crib is easy to disassemble and pack. Take it with you on trips or use it in different rooms to keep your baby close by, ensuring a familiar sleep environment.

  • Easy Access for Night time Comfort: The open side design of the crib allows for easy access to your baby during night time feedings or comforting. It promotes bonding while ensuring your little one feels secure.

Where convenience meets safety, our Portable Baby Bedside Crib stands out as an essential tool for parents. Ensuring a restful and secure sleep for their little ones, Experience the joy of peaceful nights with the Portable Baby Bedside Crib.

     We have upgraded the wheels to make the sound of friction with the ground


Origin: Mainland China
Type: Bed
Style: Minimalist Modern
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Aluminium
Customized: Yes
With Storage Space: With 2 Drawers
Pattern: Solid
Model Number: Gao-89
Finishes Material: Cloth
Size: 36.2"x21.6"x20.6"
With Safety Boards: Yes
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