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Baby Bath Pad & Chair Anti-Slip & Foldable

Baby Bath Pad & Chair Anti-Slip & Foldable

Experience hassle-free bath times with our versatile, foldable bath – no more slips, full comfort! *Mat only. Bath not included
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  • πŸ› Effortless Storage
  • πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Secure & Comfy
  • 🧼 Easy Clean-Up
  • 🌟 Multi-Use Design
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" Just got this for my squirmy 6-month-old and OMG it's a game-changer. She actually sits still and I'm not worried about her slipping. Plus, it dries quickly and folds away next to nothing. Huge fan here! "
Linda L.
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Struggling with squirmy bath times? Make it a breeze! πŸƒ

We know that bathing a wriggly little one can be more like a splashy sport than a sweet routine. That's where our Baby Bath Pad & Chair comes in. Designed for both infants and parents' peace of mind, it boasts anti-slip technology that ensures your baby stays put safely, while the plush comfort keeps them happy and secure.

*Bath not included

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Foldable, Space-Saving Design for Modern Homes 🏑

Space is precious, and so are the moments you share with your child. Baby Bath Pad & Chair understands that. When bath time's over, its foldable feature means you can easily store it away, reclaiming your space for a clutter-free home. It's ideal for tight spaces and for parents who prefer minimalistic living.

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Need a quick, hygienic clean-up after bath time? 🧽

The last thing you want post-bath is a tedious clean-up. Thankfully, our Baby Bath & chair is a cinch to wipe down, thanks to its water-friendly material. This means you spend less time cleaning and more time cuddling your freshly bathed little one. Plus, it's durable enough for everyday use!

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  • Skin Care Fabric

    Leak Proof Mezzanine

    3D Mesh Cloth

    EPS Particles

    Age Range 0-12 Months

    Baby Bath Seat Support Mat & Chair Pad
    Anti-Slip Soft Comfort Body Cushion

    Prevents Baby from slipping

  • When open, it measures 28cm x 43cm

    Fold for compact storage, it reduces to 28cm x 21cm

    Quick Dry
    Foldable for storage
    Head Support
    Fit to the waist protecting the spine

  • Unsinkable
    EPS Foam structure contains gas for buoyancy

    3-way buckle system for stable support
    Easy to fix to appropriate height from water
    Secure fittings
    Skin friendly material
    3D honeycomb mesh fabric
    Safe support

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Our Anti-Slip Foldable Baby Bath Pad & Chair – a revolutionary bathing solution designed to turn baby bath time into a secure and enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones. Our product is more than just a bath pad; it's a thoughtful addition to your parenting toolkit, providing unmatched safety and convenience while keeping your precious moments with your baby from slips and slides. Crafted with the utmost care, this foldable wonder ensures every bath is a splash of joy without compromising on safety.

Safety First: The anti-slip design guarantees a secure bathing environment, keeping your baby snug and in place, preventing any accidental slips.

Versatile Usage: Serve as both a bath pad and chair, offering flexibility for different stages of your baby's growth.

Easy to Clean: The waterproof and easy-to-wipe material simplifies cleanup, allowing you to spend more time enjoying bath moments rather than tackling post-bath mess.

Comfortable and Supportive: The ergonomic design ensures your baby's comfort during bath time, providing the support needed for a stress-free experience.

Transform bath time into a delightful bonding ritual with the Anti-Slip Foldable Baby Bath Pad & Chair. With safety at its core, this product offers a reliable solution to make every bath session enjoyable, making life easier for Mums & Dads while keeping little ones Away from any bath-related mishaps.

*Mat only Bath not included



Material: Cloth
Age Range: 0-6m
Age Range: 7-12m
Age Range: 13-24m
Age Range: 25-36m
Age Group: Babies
Pattern Type: Print
Choice: yes


  • Elle M.

    "What a relief this bath seat is! My hubby always dreaded bath time, but now it's his fav bonding activity. The fold-away feature? Genius for our apartment! 😍"

  • Scarlet R.

    "As a mum you need all the help you can get. This bath seat fits my boys snugly and safely, which is just wow. It's also super comfy for them and they don't fuss. Clean up's a breeze too, which, let's be honest, is the real MVP for any parent."

  • Shelley M.

    "Where was this when my first kid was a baby?! So easy to store and clean. And my daughter loves it, which means I do too."

  • Claudia K.

    "5 stars, for sure. It’s soft for the baby’s skin and doesn't get that weird smell like some bath stuff. Easy to wipe down!"


Let our Anti-slip Baby Bath & pad transform your baby's bath time. Try it out because nothing's more important than your baby's safety and your peace of mind. We’ll ensure your satisfaction with our hassle-free return policy.*

Our Guarantee. We stand by our product's quality and your satisfaction. If you're not completely delighted with your purchase’s quality, we offer a
hassle-free money-back guarantee. Your peace of mind is our commitment.

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