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360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer

360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer

Transform kitchen chaos into child-safe, orderly elegance with the 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layers sturdy, multi-layered spice rack—easy access at every turn.
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  • 👶 Child-Safe Design
  • 🔄 Easy-Spin Layers
  • 🛠️ Durable Build
  • 🌿 Herb & Spice Haven
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" Finally, a spice rack my toddler can't mess with! This is a game-changer and I'm no longer scared of little hands reaching for glass jars. Love how it looks on my counter too! "
Heidi X.
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Banish kitchen clutter and safeguard your spices! 🌟

Are you tired of endlessly searching for spices among a jumble of jars? The 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer revolutionises your kitchen experience by keeping your condiments conveniently visible and reachable on its easily rotatable, multi-level shelves. Crafted with a child-safe locking mechanism, this spice rack prevents spills and accidental access, ensuring a worry-free and organised cooking space.

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Command your kitchen with a single spin! ✨

When preparation time is of the essence, you don't have time to waste. With the 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer, a simple turn reveals all your spices, neatly stored and clearly labelled. Save time and eliminate the hassle with smooth rotary action, bringing every herb and seasoning instantly to your fingertips.

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Seeking a sturdy solution to spice storage? 🏗

Concerned about wobbly racks and toppling jars? Fear no more. Our 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layers robust construction promises stability and longevity, giving you peace of mind that your spices are secure. Designed to withstand the busy family kitchen, this is the last spice rack you'll ever need.

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  • 360° Rotation
    Multi-Layered: organise multiple spice jars vertically

    Easy Assembly: Simple setup with no tools required 🛠️🔄
    Adjustable heights

  • Non-Slip Base: Prevents sliding on countertops 🚫🔄

    Versatile Use: Suitable for spices, herbs, condiments, and more 🌶️🍯🔄

  • Style: round and square
    Colour: black
    Material: Carbon Steel

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Our 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer – a kitchen essential that not only adds flavour to your meals but also brings convenience and safety to your culinary haven! This spice rack is a must-have for every kitchen, providing easy access to your favourite seasonings while keeping them Away from the curious hands of Little Children. Designed with practicality in mind, our multi-layered, rotating spice rack is a game-changer for an organised kitchen without compromising on safety.

360° Rotation: Effortlessly access a variety of spices from all angles, making seasoning your dishes a delight.

Child-Safe Storage: Safeguard little ones by storing spices out of reach, creating a secure kitchen environment.

Multi-Layered Design: Optimise your kitchen space with multiple layers, accommodating a variety of spices and condiments.

Sturdy Construction: Built to last, our spice rack ensures durability and reliability in your daily cooking routine.

Versatile Kitchen Organiser: Perfect for organising not just spices but also herbs, condiments, and cooking essentials, enhancing the efficiency of your kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen with the 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer – where flavour meets functionality, making cooking a joy.


Style: Round and Square
Colour: Black
Number of levels: 1 level/2 levels


  • Thea W.

    "It's like a lazy Susan for spices, but better! 😍 Easy to spin and see everything at once. Might buy another for my craft room!"

  • Maggie C.

    "Excellent build quality - feels very sturdy and has a good weight to it, not flimsy at all. It holds all my spices and I can always find what I need without knocking others over. Would recommend!"

  • Paige I.

    "Perfect for small kitchens, spins smoothly, and frees up so much space! It's also nice not to have to worry about it toppling over."

  • Jen E.

    "A lifesaver. No more digging through cabinets for spices, everything is right there and safe from my curious cats!"


Organise your spices, enhance kitchen safety, and reclaim your counterspace without any risk. Bring order to your kitchen today! Get our 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer.we’ll ensure your satisfaction with our hassle-free return policy.*

Our Guarantee. We stand by our product's quality and your satisfaction. If you're not completely delighted with your purchase’s quality, we offer a
hassle-free money-back guarantee. Your peace of mind is our commitment.

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