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360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer

360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer

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Our 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer – a kitchen essential that not only adds flavour to your meals but also brings convenience and safety to your culinary haven! This spice rack is a must-have for every kitchen, providing easy access to your favourite seasonings while keeping them Away from the curious hands of Little Children. Designed with practicality in mind, our multi-layered, rotating spice rack is a game-changer for an organised kitchen without compromising on safety.

  • 360° Rotation: Effortlessly access a variety of spices from all angles, making seasoning your dishes a delight.
  • Child-Safe Storage: Safeguard little ones by storing spices out of reach, creating a secure kitchen environment.
  • Multi-Layered Design: Optimise your kitchen space with multiple layers, accommodating a variety of spices and condiments.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to last, our spice rack ensures durability and reliability in your daily cooking routine.
  • Versatile Kitchen Organiser: Perfect for organising not just spices but also herbs, condiments, and cooking essentials, enhancing the efficiency of your kitchen.
Upgrade your kitchen with the 360° Rotation Spice Rack Multi-Layer – where flavour meets functionality, making cooking a joy.

Package Included:
1 Set Spice Jar Organiser

1. Organise Your Kitchen: Keep all your spice jars and other small kitchen containers organised. The adjustable height rotating turntable helps you save more space and keep your spices within reach, you can also place the lazy susan turntable on your kitchen cabinets countertop, and pantry or on your dining table for easy access to spices!

2. Sturdy Rotating Construction: Both tiers of the rotating spice rack are organised with raised edges to prevent any items from slipping off. The two turntables of the lazy rotator rotate 360 degrees smoothly and silently, so no matter how many jars and other items you put on the two tiers of the rotating spice rack, they won't fall off and cause a mess.

Item Description
Name: Sauce Storage Rack
Style: round and square
Colour: black
Number of floors: 1 floor/2 floors
Size: Please see the information on the picture
Material: Carbon Steel

Feature1: Corner Storage Rack
Feature2: Multi-Layer 
Feature3: Countertop Use
Feature4: Carbon Steel
Feature5: Spice Bottles Holders
Feature6: kitchen accessories
Feature7: Storage Rack for Kitchen
Feature8: 360°Rotation Spice Rack Organiser
Feature9: Seasonings and Spices Jar/Cans
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