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    A Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. Other associated organs such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix may be removed at the same time, depending on the type of hysterectomy being performed. 
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    Pelvic Floor

    Your pelvic floor is a broad sling of muscles, ligaments and sheet-like tissues that stretch from your pubic bone at the front of your body to the base of your spine at the back.

    The pelvic floor stretches naturall...

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    Foster Care

    Every child deserves a loving family, but unfortunately not every child is blessed with one. Luckily in Australia we have a great foster system in place to help provide much needed support and care for at risk children.


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    Time for a Babymoon?

    You have probably heard the term ‘Babymoon’ being thrown around a lot lately, as more and more couples choose to take ‘one last hurrah’ of a holiday before they welcome their little one into the world. But what exactly is a b...

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    However your new family begins, whether trying to fall pregnant or if it was a big surprise, there is no denying that Babies bring changes to your relationships.

    Trying to Conceive

    All couples have di...

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    Self Care

    Ways to Prepare your body for birth

    When it comes to babies, there is so much emphasis on preparation - financial and professional decisions, decorating and preparing the home, readying your family for the n...

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    Exercising after birth

    When can I start exercising?

    How soon you can recommence exercising after birth depends greatly on how fit you were when you had your baby, and how straightforward your labour was.

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    Ovarian Cancer

    What are the ovaries?

    The ovaries are two small almond shaped organs that are part of the female reproductive system. Each ovary measures about 2-4 cm across and they sit on either side of t...

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    Mental Health: Stress

    For most mums-to-be, pregnancy is a happy and exciting time. However, for some, pregnancy can be a source of stress and depression. And whilst we all know about the importance of physical health in pregnancy, we are less likely to con...

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    Mental Health: Depression

    The symptoms of depression during pregnancy or early parenthood are the same as those experienced at any other time of life. Depression can be a little harder to identify and deal with when you are pregnant or have a baby though, as i...

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    Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder

    What is Bipolar Disorder?

    Bipolar disorder, which used to be called manic depression, involves periods of depression (low mood) and mania (elevated, high mood). Bipolar disorder is a serious mental healt...

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    Mental Health - Anxiety

    Many factors can make a woman feel anxious during pregnancy and early parenthood. Changes in hormone levels following childbirth can make women feel tearful, irritable or very sensitive. This is known as the baby blues and usually pas...

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    Mental Health: Pregnancy and Early Parenthood

    Having a baby is one of the biggest life-changing experiences you'll ever have. Some women describe feeling joy, achievement, relief and strength after giving birth. For others, however, the experiences of giving birth and caring for ...

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