Essential Pregnancy Nutrients – Iodine

Essential Pregnancy Nutrients – Iodine

Eating a varied and balanced diet during pregnancy is very important for both you and your baby. Pregnancy nutrition is a big topic but getting started is easy - use the table below to familiarise yourself with essential nutrients and vitamins to include in your pregnancy diet and learn about the benefits for you and your baby.




Why do you and your baby need it?


Iodine plays an important role in cognitive function and energy metabolism - and during pregnancy, your iodine requirement increases. Iodine deficiency can have extremely negative consequences on an unborn child so it's super important you're meeting your body’s needs, and your unborn child’s needs. For your baby, Iodine is involved in their growth and development.


Eat it so you can

  • Help with normal energy metabolism to help avoid fatigue;
  • Support your brain function;
  • Support the growth & development of your growing baby.

How much is enough?


You need 220 ug/day during pregnancy


On your plate

  • Surprisingly, one of our richer food sources of Iodine is from
  • Iodised salt.
  • So while we don't advocate adding too much salt, you might want to consider using Iodised salt if you do use any. Pregnancy supplements may also help you meet your extra Iodine needs.


  • If you do use salt in cooking, choose an iodised form.
  • The iodine content of most foods is low and can be affected by soil, irrigation and fertilisers.
  • Pregnancy supplements may also help you meet your extra Iodine needs.




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