Baby Bath Time Routine

Baby Bath Time Routine

Creating a soothing bath time ritual for your baby can be a delightful way to wind down the day and prepare for a restful sleep. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you establish a calming routine, incorporating some of the products mentioned.

Preparation for baby’s bath time

After giving your child a bath, the last thing you want to do is wrestle with them while you look for a fresh towel or a nappy. If you ensure that the following supplies are available and ready this will make bath time go smoothly:

* Change of clean clothes (ready to snuggle your baby with some warmth)

* Nappy (have on hand asap after drying so accidents are contained 😊

* Hairbrush (brushing their hair gives a soothing affect)

* Bath (You need this for the water….lol) Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub

* Bath Support/Stand (great addition to help you navigate bath time with 2 hands) Our Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub comes with this support

* Thermometer Bath (test the water temp) Our Thermo Bath has one in-built.

* Face Washer or Muslin wraps (for washing different parts)

* Bath Wash (choose a gentle one for your little bub)

* Baby Shampoo (grab one that is ‘no more tears’ as the soap is gentle on eyes)

* Baby Towel (roll your munchkin up and dry them) , Little Turtle Baby Hooded Towel

* Moisturiser (a massage with moisturiser is always a plus to bath time)

*Bath Toy: BabySqueezy 3-in-1 

A teether, rinser, and toy are essential for every baby bath time. a device that makes it simple to wash a baby's head and body without using a lot of water. However, kids might also partake in the enjoyment by using it as a toy and teether. Imagine being able to grab everything in one go. We've discovered it, though, with BabySqueezy 3 in 1. Taking a bath has never been simpler.



At what age should my baby start having baths?

Although your infant can theoretically be bathed from birth, most babies start having baths on day two or three. Your infant has what is called the vernix caseosa, a layer of fat that shields their skin. This layer is impacted by soap and can dry out their skin. So, to keep their skin supple, it's a good idea to use a product that has a base of mild baby oil.


Now to the bath…..

Steps to a wonderful bath time:

1.     Run the bath and place the thermometer in the bath, or if you’re using the Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub this is already to go, so that you can test the water before placing baby in.  The most comfortable temperature for baby baths is a recommended 36° for newborns and 37-38° for babies. 

2.     To calm your baby and start out in a good zone.  Soak a face washer in the nice warm water and place on baby’s tummy.  This will keep your baby warm and also the slight pressure from the heavy material in the washer helps to calm them.  You can leave this on baby while washing their face.

3.     Start with washing babies’ hair by rinsing using a washer by soaking the washer and dribbling the water over baby’s head. Or, if you have a BabySqueezy 3-in-1, you could use this to rinse the water gently over baby.

4.     Pour a little shampoo into your hand as you don’t want to pour it directly onto baby’s head just in case you get it in their eyes.

5.     Rub into the top of the head and then lift lightly at the back to get around and give the baby's head a nice massage. This works as a calming motion as well as gets the job done.

6.     Rinse with the soaked face washer dribbling the water over baby’s head (or your BabySqueezy) until all shampoo is out.   When rinsing make sure to protect baby’s eyes from any shampoo leaking in.

7.     Then we start the body. First start with the face – use a muslin wrap as it is nice on their skin.

8.     Starting with each eye, then the mouth and nose and all over the face.  
Work your way down the body starting with the fingers (getting in the middle) and going down the arm to the armpits. 

9.     Starting with the toes and getting in between each toe. Then working your way up the leg and around all the fatty rolls your baby may have. 

10.     Then comes the best part. Wash thoroughly in all crevices. Carefully lift baby slightly as you slide the washer/muslin underneath.

11.     After washing the front then flip them over to wash their backs.
Use one hand to support the head under the chin. 

12.     Taking the washer – trickle water down the back.  Wash with soap and rinse thoroughly. 

13.     Flip bub back to the front. Make sure all soap is gone.

14.     Remove baby directly into a nice warm towel. By using a Little Turtle Baby Hooded Towel the hood will keep heat in your baby’s head. 

15.     Lie baby on bed, change table or couch to dry off with the towel. Putting them on a flat surface frees up both hands to be able to wipe them down.

16.     Moisturise & massage – check out our blog to give a calming massage.
Place nappies on and dress baby.

        Bath time was a success!!


        How do I choose the right baby bath?

        Things to consider are – how much room you have at home, will you be using a baby bath in your bathtub, or will you prefer a stand, do you need a bath cushion or insert, how will you get the water out of the bath when you’re finished?

        So many things to think about. But when you find the right bath with the most conveniences then your back will thank you.

        By using a bath stand or a bench you are at the same level as bub so there is no bending over a ground level bathtub to get to bubs so ergonomically this is the better option.

        Bath cushions or inserts are a great option as you place bub on them, and they have the support and security they need but you gain a hand back. No need to hold bub with one hand and wash with the other. This solution is a win/win situation. By placing bub on a comfy insert it will hold them in place and allow you to comfortably manoeuvre them with ease. Our Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub comes with a cushion just for this.

        Then the piece de resistance is making sure your bath has a drainpipe….. With the bath up on the stand it is very difficult to pick it up and empty the water out so a drainpipe on the bottom is as simple as taking the plug out and the pipe guiding the water to the drain hole. No back problems, no water messes.

        It is always convenient to have a built-in thermometer, so you never need to worry about the water temperature. The best temperature for newborns is 36 degrees. 

        Our Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub features a built-in thermometer and a bath cushion.  But that’s not all…. This versatile multipurpose bath is foldable for convenient storage.


        Moments spent together while taking baths are precious. Create a joyful ritual, and your gentle touch will contribute to the creation of a unique link that will only deepen with your child. 


        Tips about the preparation items you need

        Bath - Look for a bath that has a drain hole – to be able to empty it and it comes out easily so for one it doesn’t flood your bath and secondly that you can let the water out and you don’t have to lift it to empty it so you can protect yourself from injury. Even better is if you find one with a drainpipe that comes from underneath the bath to guide the water to the drain hole. No mess!

        Bath Stand - to keep it safe for bub and for yourself (back). Stands are made ergonomically to help mums stay safe. Not leaning over the bath or onto the floor to bath babies

        Bath Support/Stand - make sure it’s on a good angle to be able to substitute for your arm supporting them as then you can use both arms freely. Make sure it’s soft and supportive for the baby's back as well. If you’re struggling to hold your baby without a stand this could unsettle your baby and make bath time unenjoyable for you both.  Your baby may not feel safe and this can be upsetting for them and therefore a good quality bath support/stand is highly advisable.

        Thermometer – make sure the temperature is right. Having a thermometer in the bathtub ensures the water temperature is just right, providing a safe and comfortable bathing experience. With a built-in temperature gauge, you don't have to worry about misplacing it, ensuring accurate readings every time.

        Face Washer or Muslin wraps - to wash bub. Face washers are a little heavier and are good to drape over bub to give them warmth and support. Whereas Muslin wraps are great for that gentle material wash – especially around the eyes.

        Bath Wash - Find a bath wash that is gentle on skin and meant for babies. Don’t use soaps every day – just if they have been spewing or lots of people have been hugging them and they smell of perfume.  This will help to keep bubs skin supple and not dry out.

        Baby Shampoo – make sure to find a gentle shampoo & conditioner in one so that you only need to wash babies’ hair once – saving time & resources. Also, one that is the ‘no more tears’ formula because the last thing you want is to get some in their eyes. 

        Baby Towel - Baby towels with hoodies are a great addition to your wardrobe as the hood will go directly over the head and hold the towel whilst you wrap them up nicely. No chance of the towel slipping off whilst you’re trying to wrap them up making it easier for that mum power we all have to do 10 things at once. Our Little Turtle Baby Towel does just what it needs. Try our Little Turtle Baby Hooded Towel – The hood at the top make’s life so much easier and comforts the baby at the same time. The towel also helps to keep the baby's head temperature regulated.

        Moisturiser – for massage after bath time. Your baby will be sooo relaxed after the wonderful bath time that a massage with moisturiser will be an extra bonus for them and hopefully relax them a little more.

        BabySqueezy 3-in-1 – Newborn Bath Rinser, Teether & Toy

        Thermosensitive Antibacterial Folding Bathtub – This versatile bath not only has a built-in thermometer to let you know the temperature of the water at all times but it folds down and then in half to conveniently store away in small spaces.

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