Maternity Shoot - What to Wear

Maternity Shoot - What to Wear

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Maternity shoots can provide a challenge when it comes to choosing clothing, so today we’re looking at some style guidelines for soon-to-be mothers to ensure your maternity shoot is the best it can be.

The biggest thing to remember when dressing for the day is to wear clothing that you are comfortable in and that is not drastically different from the style you would normally wear. The key is to keep it natural to ensure the photos are true to the real you.

That being said, there are a few guidelines that expert photographers recommend you adhere to. When it comes to fabrics, you want to wear something that’s clingy to accentuate your bump (after all it is a pregnancy shoot!) but not something that’s not too tight. It is important to feel comfortable, and a nice balance is recommended here while steering towards the tighter side. This rule goes for tops, pants and any hanging pieces of fabric.

Dresses can be great for the shoot if worn correctly, as they can be very feminine and beautiful. Dresses that cling more can show off your shape, and ruching on the sides can work wonders.

Long, floor-length flowing skirts teamed with a tight top can be really romantic and contrast against the masculinity of your partner if it is a couple shoot. If you are more comfortable in pants, opt for simple, one colour pants that fit the criteria for tightness, such as jeans or tights.

With tops, button-down shirts tend to work well, either silk men’s shirts or any shirt that closes like this. Buttons are great, if you’re feeling brave you can undo those buttons and show off your beautiful bare bump. Slight V-necks or scoop-down necks are also a good idea, or any tight tops that accentuate your bump are of course also recommended.

Lingerie or sleep wear can also be beautiful, particularly for a solo shoot of you and bub-to-be, but remember to discuss with your photographer when conceptualizing the shoot and keep it tasteful, feminine and flowy - remember you want to be able to show your photos to your grandmother, colleagues, or hang them in your living room!

If you have any special accessories that you love and are unique to you, such as a long patterned scarf or a simple headband from your partner or grandmother, bring them along. These can be used in fun ways to show off your personality, providing they have special significance. That being said, jewelry and watches are generally discouraged as they can detract from a natural and timeless look, unless they have great sentimental value. Wedding or engagement rings are recommended.

It is also advised to keep your location in mind to either keep your style and colours complimentary, or to achieve a high contrast and dramatic effect. Photographers recommend sticking to a solid colour on each article, keeping to a more neutral, feminine and natural palate such as creams, light corals, tans and beiges, and avoiding really bright colours, andkeep patterns to one part of your outfit only. However any colours that truly compliment your skin tone and bring out your hair, eyes and skin are recommended. If you look amazing in that burnt orange dress, work it!

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