Thumbprint Mother’s Day Love Bug Cards

Thumbprint Mother’s Day Love Bug Cards

First things first – this is super easy for you! You are going to start this craft by snagging the FREE MASON JAR CARD PRINTABLE. This will make the start of your “crafting experience” seamless!


From there, you are going to print it out on simple white cardstock and hand it over to your child. They will complete the craft by adding a “thumbprint bug” of choice to the centre of each card front and signing their name. Then – they will cut it out and make cards. That’s it! Easy peasy, just how we like it around here!!!


Our Mother’s Day Love Bug Jar Cards idea is just too easy and oh so cute! I know you are going to love it as much as I do!


What you’ll need


  1. First download the link listed in the supply list and print the mason jar card template on white cardstock. One printable makes FOUR cards at a time.
  2. Use scissors to cut out each section and make FOUR cards total.
  3. Adhere each cut out piece to a single cardstock card front.
  4. Next open your ink pads up.
  5. Have children place their thumb on the ink pad, then in the center of the mason jar design. Follow that up by adding two more thumbprints for “wings” on the side of the first one.
  6. Repeat the thumbprint step on each card.
  7. Use baby wipes to remove excess ink off of fingers before washing hands completely at the sink.
  8. Once done, they can draw on their embellishments with various markers to bring their thumbprint love bug to life.
  9. Add other embellishments you see fit. I highly encourage small sticker embellishments on the antennas!
  10. Then the last step is to sign their name on the front of the card and write a sweet message inside before they gift it away to someone special on Mother’s Day!





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