Easy DIY Wooden Spoons!

Easy DIY Wooden Spoons!

Photo Source: kitchenhunter.net

They have been so popular on Pinterest lately, we thought it was about time we featured DIY Painted Wooden Spoons. We liked ours so much we hung them on our kitchen wall for all to admire!

What you will need:

Wooden Spoons


Brushes (sponge work best)

Tape (masking)

How to:

  1. Select which Wooden Spoons out of the kitchen drawer you would like to beautify!
  2. If doing block colours simply wrap tape where you would like to paint to (so you get a nice straight line) and paint handle using two coats. Its ok if paint runs over the tape, after leaving it to dry for about an hour peel off tape and you’re all done!

For older kids (or or for us big kids!) why not try something a little more detailed. If you want to get a little fancy-pants like us, then some graduated Ombre colouring is a lovely little option. It takes a little longer but is totally worth it.

Supplies - as above, but you'll also need White Paint

How to Ombre:

  1. Mark off the handle with tape at the desired height as you would above (i.e. two inches from spoon)
  2. Paint handle using desired colour (I used two coats and allowed 30-60mins drying time) this will act as your Base colour.
  3. In the same paint mix add some white paint to achieve a lighter shade.
  4. Apply a new piece of tape 1/3 of the way down each time and paint the new section between the pieces of tape with the lighter shade of paint (really make sure the paint is dry each time otherwise it will peel off with the tape!) Add more white to each batch of paint as you go, so the little section you paint gets lighter in colour each time.
  5. Allow Spoon to completely dry, and gently peel off each ring of Tape.

Finished! So easy, so pretty, so heartfelt!


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