Crayon Canvases

Crayon Canvases

Simple crayons can make beautiful art - and not just by drawing with them! Line up some wax crayons, rainbow-style, blast them with a hairdryer and they’ll melt into a colourful artwork that you can hang on the wall.

Here is what you need:

  • Wax crayons - enough to line the length of your canvas.
  • Artist’s canvas - whatever size you prefer.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Drop sheet or old newspaper to catch any mess.

How to:

  1. Pick out the colours you want to use and line them up across the top of the canvas.
  2. A rainbow colour pattern is made here. Of course you can try this with different colour patterns instead of a rainbow.
  3. Using a glue gun, squeeze a line of glue across the crayons.
  4. Quickly place the crayons on the canvas in a line, as shown below, with tips facing down.
  5. Line the floor with a piece of newspaper, place the canvas against a wall, and get your blow drying on.
  6. You can start out on high and warm settings and alternate with low at certain points. You may have to experiment a little to see how your hair dryer works with melting the wax. It sometimes splatters a little, so be sure to cover the floor and surrounding wall with newspaper, and turn to a lower setting if needed.
  7. Once the wax starts melting, move the dryer around as needed to prevent splattering and so the wax drips straight down. Voila! Now you have a fun piece of art to hang on your wall.

Great to promote creativity and for some quality time with your treasured little souls (or to keep the cheeky ones occupied!!)

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