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Pregnancy To Do List

First Trimester

Confirm your pregnancy

Start with an at-home pregnancy test the week after you usually have your period. You can read more about pregnancy tests in our section ‘Am I Pregnant?’ on


Look into health insurance If you don’t have a health plan investigate your options, or if you do look into its coverage


Make a prenatal appointment Contact your healthcare provider and book, although your first appointment may not be for another 8 weeks or more


Consider your lifestyle Some activities may be dangerous to you and your baby now you are pregnant. It is important to look at your lifestyle choices and eliminate anything that might be harmful to you or your baby

Limit alcohol and quit smoking Smoking and alcohol increases the risk of pregnancy problems including miscarriage and premature birth


Change your diet Do your best to eat well, drink plenty of water and cut down on caffeine. Read our blogs ‘Pregnancy superfoods’ and ‘Foods to avoid while pregnant’ to learn which foods you should stock up on and which to skip


Look after your emotional wellbeing There is a lot of focus on physical preparation but it is important to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for birth. Visit our section on mental health + wellbeing to read more Ensure your medications and beauty regimes are safe Ask your caregiver about any prescription and over-the-counter medicines you are taking and if they are safe for use during pregnancy Get plenty of rest Go to bed early if possible, you’re likely to be feeling exhausted


Investigate your prenatal testing options You have choices about testing which can provide information about your baby’s risk for chromosomal problems and birth defects. Visit our section on prenatal care, scans + checks to read more

Choose a caregiver Ask your doctor, friends or family if they can recommend a care provider

Learn the signs of pregnancy problems Consult your GP and check our list of symptoms that may signify problems during or after your pregnancy

Invest in some new bras and underwear Maternity garments can help your comfort levels – check out your local lingerie stores for some beautiful options!

Start a baby name list Now you can finally whip out that list you’ve been secretly compiling since you were 14!

Prepare a baby budget Begin to plan for your new expenses; nursery, clothing, food, nappies, etc can all add up fast Have sex Sex while pregnant is mostly safe in normal pregnancies. As your gestation progresses you may find your sex drive fluctuating between being high and low. You can read more about sex + intimacy during pregnancy on our website Talk to your partner about parenting

Get the conversation going. Chat about your upbringing, families you think ‘work’, the type of parents you want to be. See our articles on relationships


Start moisturising Do what you can to avoid stretch marks and keep your skin elasticated Take some bump photos Taking a series of weekly snapshots is a fun keepsake to document your growing belly. Visit our blog on pregnancy photography for some ideas

Follow your and your baby’s development

Visit our weekly breakdown to see what’s happening to you and your baby


Second Trimester

Begin planning financially Becoming a parent brings an increase in financial responsibilities. Read about budgeting, work and childcare in our parenting section


It’s a …! Decide whether you want to know the sex of your baby. If you have an ultrasound or amniocentesis coming up you’ll need to decide


Look into child birthing classes There are in-person or online classes available if classes are something you may be interested in


Revaluate your exercise regime It is important to remain active and healthy, but you may have to change your routine now that you are pregnant. You may also consider prenatal exercise classes. Visit our website for more information on exercise during pregnancy


Consider a professional labour coach Doulas are an option to assist you during labour and delivery, so start meeting some candidates now. View more about birth partners on our website


Speak to your older children If you have other children begin to prepare them for the arrival of a new sibling. Read our articles on how to ease the transition in our parenting section.


Investigate second trimester tests and visits Learn about what to expect at each visit in our second trimester breakdown


Begin to look into childcare If you will need childcare for your new baby start looking into your options now – you can learn more about the different childcare available here

Think about maternity leave Learn about your rights and responsibilities regarding your workplace in our article on work and childcare

Shop for maternity clothes You may not be showing yet but maternity clothes may begin to be more comfortable Prepare your pets Mister Whiskers can benefit from some special pre-baby preparation too.


Visit the dentist Get a check up and consider getting your teeth professionally cleaned as oral hygiene during pregnancy is important Go on a babymoon A babymoon is becoming a popular trend, as now is the perfect time to indulge in a pre-baby trip. What is a babymoon exactly? Find out in our blog

Set up your baby’s nursery Prepare baby’s room. Whether your baby sleeps in a bassinet, crib, or with you it is important to prepare and follow safety guidelines. Find some ideas on decorating your nursery in the home and nursery section of our website Tackle those renos

The nesting instinct may be kicking in so make the most of it and get into those home improvement projects while you still have the energy Dedicate time to your partner Remember to spend some time bonding together in the midst of all your pre-baby prep

Begin to think about your baby shower You may have ideas on the theme, guest list, food and games or drop some subtle hints to your girlfriend.


Write a letter to baby Start a blog or even an Instagram, put together a collage or a memory box of pregnancy mementos

Shortlist that ever-expanding list of baby names Start narrowing down with your partner, sometimes when you meet your little one you’ll instantly know, however it can’t hurt to be prepared


Prepare your bed You may need to start sleeping on your side, invest in a pregnancy pillow or consider more breathable linens


Watch that pelvic floor Start doing Kegel exercises and keep your pelvic muscles strong through pregnancy and beyond


Check your rings If pregnancy swelling is making your rings feel tight take them off now before they get stuck!


Celebrate the halfway point At week 20 you’re half way through your pregnancy already!

Third Trimester


Read about baby care

Your third trimester is the time to switch from reading about pregnancy and begin reading up on baby


Learn about third trimester tests and checks Know what to expect at each of your prenatal appointments on our website


Prepare for breastfeeding If you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby, learn as much as you can from our website’s section on breastfeeding

Make and freeze meals When you cook start doubling your recipes and freezing half. You’ll be happy to have nutritious meals at the ready for after baby arrives. You can find some delicious recipe ideas on our website


Monitor baby’s movements Keep track of baby’s kicks, rolls and twitches and let your caretaker know immediately if you notice a decrease


Choose a doctor for your baby Ask your GP for a list of paediatricians or family practitioners and ask for recommendations from friends and co-workers

Consider more classes

As well as child birth classes you may want to consider classes on baby care, breastfeeding and infant CPR


Talk to your baby Your baby can hear your voice now so start talking to your little one, singing and playing music Know the stages of labour Labour and birth is divided into three phases, read all about them in the birth section of


Create a birth plan Record your choices for pain relief, delivery positions, birth locations and feeding in your birth plan. Visit our tools section to download a birth plan you can fill out yourself

Tour your hospital or birth centre Familiarise yourself with the surroundings and features available where you’ll give birth. Enquire about whether you can pre-register


Pack your hospital bag Be sure to pack plenty of essentials for yourself & baby

Make a plan for when labour starts Long before the first contractions arrive you’ll want to know who to call and where to go

Begin thinking about big decisions Are you going to bank your cord blood, will you circumcise your boy? Start thinking about your choices Look out for late-pregnancy complications Be on the lookout for symptoms which should raise alarm bells and warrant a call to your caregiver. See the complications of birth on for more information Install your baby’s car seat You can’t drive your baby home without a car seat so purchase and install your car seat Get a hold of late-pregnancy jitters If the unknowns are making you nervous connect with other parents and parents-to-be on our forums Learn about coping with labour pain Read up on pain relief options in our article on


Learn about your body after birth Find out what to expect and how to get back into your pre-baby body fast


Consider pregnancy photography Celebrate your amazing pregnant belly by getting a professional portrait with you and your partner


Start lining up helpers Begin rounding up the troops to help out after baby is born

Have your house cleaned

Ensure everything is spick and span and hire a house cleaner or asking a friend or family member to help


Make a baby watch list

Decide who you’ll tell when the baby arrives or when you go into labour, and how you’ll spread the news


Wash baby’s clothing and bedding It is advised to wash everything first that will be in contact with baby’s skin to remove any irritants in the fabrics


Load up on household supplies

Start stocking up on pantry staples, toiletries, frozen food, toilet paper, shampoo, diapers and wipes


Download your copy of The Phoenix Diary

Make sure to visit the app store and download your baby diary app ‘The Phoenix Diary’ to help you keep track of baby’s feeds, sleeps, baths, nappy changes, activities, growth and more once your little one arrives


Don’t panic if you go over your due date After months of anticipation the big date finally rolls around and – nothing. It is a frustrating but common situation. Whatever the cause, you're probably tired of being pregnant, not to mention anxious. Rest assured, an overdue pregnancy won't last forever. Labor could begin at any time.


Giving baby a nudge

If you and your health care provider choose labor induction, you might be given medication to help your cervix ripen. Your health care provider might dilate your cervix by inserting into it a small tube (catheter) with an inflatable balloon on the end. Filling the balloon with saline and resting it against the inside of the cervix helps ripen the cervix. If your amniotic sac is still intact, your health care provider might break your water by creating an opening with a thin plastic hook.


Hang In There!

You're in the homestretch! Whether your health care provider suggests a wait-and-see approach or schedules an induction, stay in touch and make sure you know what to do if you think you're in labor. In the meantime, do your best to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.


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