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Holiday Boredom

Curing Your Kids' Case of Boredom While on School Holidays

When it comes to school holidays, every parent knows the all too familiar phrase “I'm bored.” Though typically, as parents, we are at a loss for how to cure the devastating boredom of our children, there are in fact numerous ways to rid their boredom blues easily and effectively.


Remember, that it is not always your sole responsibility to keep them occupied and entertained all of the time. Sometimes children are simply bored due to being lazy. Aside from that, if Mom or Dad is always to the rescue with a creative new idea for the kiddos' case of boredom, they will never be permitted the chance to think creatively and act productively on their own which is a crucial key to development.


Provide Creative Examples

If you manage to take some time out of your day at regular intervals, children can successfully learn how to participate side by side with another person to produce something that is mentally stimulating and creatively satisfying. Even if you are just taking a routine break from chores or work to sit down and colour for a bit next to your child, you will see that they will become more creative minded and be more willing to entertain themselves with other similar activities. Whether it is books, music or art in times of immense boredom, you will notice an improvement in their attitudes toward being lazy and unproductive.


Supply Materials in a Generous Manner

Keep plenty of fun dress up clothes or costumes around. This does not have to cost significant sums of cash. Simply use hand me downs or even thrift store items to stock up dress up trunks. You will encourage your children to use their imaginations and think about what they are doing. Provide plenty of art supplies such as paper, markers, crayons, pencils, scissors and more. Try to never limit your child when it comes to their creative instinct or need to express themselves. For instance, do not tell them to just use one sheet of paper. This will further foster the feelings of laziness that can cause boredom.


Set House Rules and Guidelines

It is important for all parents to keep in mind that art, creativity and fun in general can be quite messy. This is all a part of parenthood. However, you can use preventative measures or rules to go about avoiding unnecessary messes and accidents. Set out a wastebasket and request that they handle certain aspects themselves. Asking them to throw away their own trash is not out of the realm of possibility and they are more than capable of handling such a small chore. For other such factors like glitter or glue, simply request that they notify you beforehand and have permission to use these items. Additionally, a great tip for arts and crafts with small children that avoids a lot of headache and hassle is to simply lay out a tarp or painters blanket before starting activities.


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